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Snakegod Amateur Home Videos

Guild Videos
Title Primary File Size Comments
Snakegod TV Download 28407 KB Vorp paid me $1000 to do a video using the Wizards in Winter song. I took the money and made this instead.
Snakegod Guild Video Download 33978 KB Although I made this well before I ended up quiting, this may as well serve as my fairwell to the guild, as it was basically the last guild video I made (the TV one is something... else. Not sure how to describe it). It was in developement on and off for over a year before I finally finished it. Thing was a nightmare to make, but it did have a little bit of everything - 375+ screenshots, 2 movie clips, rl pictures of guildies, and even some Lordi.
Impel Video Download 11978 KB Made this because of a thread over at graffe's. Surprisingly it generated a decent amount of traffic for a few months. Probably what I'm most known for - I still occasionally get random tells from people about it.
Flash Test Video Download 111978 KB My first attempt at an actual flash video. This thing changed so much from what it was originally supposed to be. It's also way too big and doesn't work right for some people, but hey...

TRIVIA: The "Messages" by Snakegod members are either actual quotes by the player... or were based on personal ads that I found on the internet.
Hold On Download 14335 KB Quick video I made for Vorp and Dead to cheer them up. Made up of mostly spare screenshots that I didn't use for another video... that I haven't finished yet (and probably never will - but I did, see above).
New Website Video Download 7574 KB Originally was supposed to be completely made up of Jefferson's pictures, but I couldn't find enough. WARNING: Contains some of the worst photoshop cut and paste ever made.
Snakegod Recruitment Video Download 10982 KB "Official" guild recruitment video. First real video we made, complete with people who are actually in the guild!
Test Video Download 8318 KB Test video slapped together to see how fraps and wmp worked. The majority of this video is made up of members of TFA and some random shots I snagged during various pick up raids.

Misc. Videos
Title Primary File Size Comments
Contest Video Download 10701 KB My lame attempt at getting my Pimp Juice into the game. I regret making this one, but am listing it here anyway because... Actually, I'm not sure why I'm listing it here.
Goodbye EQ Download 24135 KB My fairwell to Snakegod and EQ in general back in 2006.
(Somehow I ended up coming back)
Party Hard Teaser Download 5701 KB First part of a video that never really got off the ground. Mostly because of a lack of screenshots from other members, but also because of my general laziness. I ended up throwing part of it in the TV video.
Yarwing 2.0 Download 9406 KB Just a video capture clip with some music thrown in. Originally posted on the message boards because vorp wanted to see what I was talking about (you can read the chat text for part of the conversation we had).

TRIVIA: If you don't know why it's called "Yarwing 2.0", check out the Snakegod Recruitment Video. The guy running around the tree was our "special" little dwarf paly (who has since left us to become uber).
Vorp Clip Download 949 KB Another simple clip with music. This one was originally requested by Iimdeadgirl. I just threw this in here for the hell of it. Mainly to irritate vorp.


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