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Snakegod Roster
At the moment, Morituus is too friggen lazy to update the roster. This list is about 2 years old:

Status Name Class Time Zone
Leader Manxomefoe Beeblebroxx Magician Mountain
Leader Thurisa Wannebefamous Paladin Eastern
Leader Morituus Maurader Wizard Hawaiian
Officer Nafurotsu Beastlord Eastern
Officer Iimdeadgirl Butverysexy Necromancer Pacific
Officer Tynk Mindrifter Enchanter Pacific
Officer Vamprya Slutbag Necromancer Eastern
Member Garrak Moonchaser Shaman N/A
Member Vixanya Moldemorte Necromancer N/A
Member Frior Tukk Monk Central European
Member Aulanigirl Jolie Wizard Hawaiian
Member Sinchord Bard Pacific
Member Fwenden Stormriser Druid N/A
Part-Time Phryk Whittlespines Rogue Mountain
MIA Sneakthief Watchurcoins Rogue N/A
MIA Shareetlk Goathumper Cleric N/A
MIA Lylania Shaman N/A
Retired Kanerian Druid Central
Retired Redderick Fieldhammer Paladin Various
*     Active Members listed according to status/seniority. MIA listed by last login.
**   Character levels are not listed because at Snakegod we believe that one's worth shouldn't be determined by one's level.
        (And more importantly, it would be a pain in the ass to update this roster everytime someone dinged)

Main Alt Name Class
Manxomefoe Vorpalrunt Druid
Manxomefoe Vorpultoad Shaman
Manxomefoe Vorpul Ranger
Manxomefoe Vorpalmedic Cleric
Manxomefoe Vorpalette Shadow Knight
Manxomefoe Vorpaltank Warrior
Thurisa Oozo Druid
Thurisa Wunjo Wizard
Iimdeadgirl Kadilea Ranger
Iimdeadgirl Wilhemena Shaman
Phryk Phroak Shaman
Phryk Phrak Cleric
Phryk Nimin Enchanter
Phryk Imamewl Warrior (Bazaar)
Phryk Allakhaboom Wizard
Phryk Baadkarma Shadow Knight
Phryk Lividity Necromancer
Phryk Minim Druid
Phryk Phrik Bard
Phryk Phrok Monk
Phryk Raginbeard Berserker
Phryk Zeela Warrior


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