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About Snakegod
Enlistment Requirements:

Snakegod has an open recruitment policy consisting of only 3 requirements:
      1) That you are over the age of 18.
      2) You have a good sense of humor.
      3) You have fun!

* We would prefer that you had at least one char 50+, to make grouping easier, but it's not required. There may be limited grouping ability with chars under 50.

Ammendments to recruitment policy:
      1) We take ANYBODY!
      2) I'm serious, we really do take anybody...
      3) See Ammendments 1 & 2

- To apply for membership either contact one of our members in-game or submit a post on our message boards.

Guild Policies:

Snakegod only has one rule: Don't piss off vorp.

(But don't worry, no one actually obeys this rule)

Guild Motto(s):

Snakegod Battlecry: "PORN!"

Regarding life in general: "Ice ice, baby" (aka "FOOK YOU VANILLA ICE!!!")
- nothing against Robert Van Winkle personally... never mind, it's a long story.

Guild Theme Song:

Theme from Gilligan's Island


Not sure. Snakegod is a pretty old guild. It pre-dates Everquest.

Guild Charter:
(Written a long LONG time ago by one of the original Snakegod members)

Snakegod Clan Creed:

I’ve been asked to write the Clan’s "Creed" in order to provide a written statement of our core beliefs. There’s one tiny problem with this – I’ve never liked formal mission statements. Flowery language, "WHEREAS" clauses, and lengthy definitions are fine for "official" documents, but they’re entirely too stuffy for Snakegod. In a group in which individuality and creativity are valued far above length of membership or assigned "ranks," this informal Creed is strangely appropriate. Besides, when you get down to it, all of this revolves around a few straightforward game issues, with a smattering of common sense.

So who are we, and what do we hope to accomplish? What are our beliefs? What are our rules?

For a description of the group, I suggest that you read the section entitled "Why join Snakegod?" As for our basic beliefs, well, they’re simple:

Enjoy your games – immensely, if possible.
Don’t attack other players in cooperative scenarios – your fun shouldn’t come at someone else’s expense.
Don’t cheat – it sullies your character and belittles your abilities.
Be yourself and speak your mind – conformity is comfortable, but variety is the spice.

And finally,

There is no substitute for good friends and good humor (although some would argue that good Scotch would do, in a pinch).

Easy, huh? In short, we’re a legit, non-PK group that greatly enjoys cooperative gaming. Of course, "cooperative" play in "cooperative" situations doesn’t mean that we utterly avoid "competitive" games. Yes, of course you can whack other people in player-vs-player games. Running around in a Quake match for the sole purpose of collecting health packs would be a little less than fun and a little more than futile. Yes, you can duel other players. Yes, you can host a Starcraft free-for-all and grind your opponents to dust. But no, you can’t backstab your fellow adventurers or secretly drop your "allied" button at the last minute. It all boils down to fairness, respect for your fellow gamers, and ensuring that everyone understands and agrees to the parameters of the particular game.

In simple terms, people have the right to expect cooperative games to remain cooperative. In simpler terms, don’t be a jerk.

As for cheating, well, there’s simply no need for it. Ever. We’ve got some amazing players in the group, but there’s certainly no pressure to prove yourself as God’s gift to powergaming. Hacking your stats or using duped items doesn’t make you a better player, and it certainly doesn’t garner any additional respect. Using trainers or expoliting bugs to give yourself an unfair advantage over others doesn’t make you more competitive, and it robs you of any sense of accomplishment. If you’re enjoying the game, why rush things? If you’re testing your mettle against the computer or another opponent, why run for a crutch? If you’re playing with friends, why not be yourself? Cheating evidences a lack of respect for your own abilities and an aversion to new challenges. If "electronic steroids" are your thing, you don’t need a clan, you need a serious re-evaluation of why you’re playing multiplayer games in the first place.

And that’s about it. We’re a pretty laid-back bunch, but these things are important to us - they define the way we enjoy our games and the way that we expect each other to behave. We’re not very big into piling restrictions on our members, but we’re also not very big into running roughshod over the online gaming community. We believe that playing honorably and fairly enhances everyone’s enjoyment. We play with camaraderie, a sense of pride, and the a stubborn refusal to take any of this more seriously than required.

After all, we’re all in this together.
~ Foxglove


If you have any questions regarding the guild, please stop by our message boards and post your question in the "General Discussion" forum.


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