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Redderick Fieldhammer
Guild Status:   RETIRED

Class:   Paladin

Race:   Dwarf

Deity:   Brell Serilis

Time Zone:   ???

  - HAD Level 65 (Main)
  - 65-52 in less than a day
  - Most hated player on Mith Marr (Dec. 2004)


For some, the name brings back fond memories. To others, pure hatred. He was rash, stubborn, and a little insane... and we loved him anyway.

During his time with the guild he recruited more members than anyone prior and since. Then he left us to join a raiding guild. Then he came back when they threw him out because of he snapped and trained a RZ raid for 2 hours. Then he went crazy again and decided to de-level his 65+ paladin to 52 so that he could tank Naggy and Vox. Shortly after that he left without really saying goodbye...

And that was just his EQ life!

In rl he was an ex-marine living with his mother... quit his job in Ohio (naf, did I get that right?)... almost moved to the sticks to work for Thur... changed his mind... moved to LA instead... then moved to Texas... then moved back to Ohio... then became a travelling hobo (okay, I made that last one up... but it COULD be true!)

In a way, you could say he is the ultimate example of our recruitment policy: We Take ANYBODY!
(And thank goodness we do, because otherwise our lives would be so boring)



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