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Phryk Whittlespines
Guild Status:   PART-TIME

Class:   Rogue

Race:   Assling

Deity:   Agnostic

Time Zone:   Mountain

  - Level 70 (Main)
  - Anguish Flagged
  - Member of Dark Bane

Temp Bio: While Phryk has moved on to greener pastures we still consider him a part of Snakegod (mostly because when he gets kicked out of the uber guilds he comes crawling back to us), and he still has some alts in the guild.

Being Vorp's rl cousin, he has a lot more freedom than most members as far as what he can say and do to Vorp without kicking him out of the guild, and that means more fun for everyone (except Vorp)! My personal favorite is when he sends tells to Vorp about how many aa's he has or what new gear he's looted because Vorp will then say how much it irritates him when Phryk does that. It makes my day.

Phroak - Shaman
Phrak - Cleric
Nimin - Enchanter
Imamewl - Warrior (Bazaar)
Allakhaboom - Wizard
Baadkarma - Shadow Knight
Lividity - Necromancer
Minim - Druid
Phrik - Bard
Phrok - Monk
Raginbeard - Berserker
Zeela - Warrior


A proud member of the Morituus Network:
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