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Guild Status:   OFFICER

Class:   Beastlord

Race:   Vah Shir

Deity:   Agnostic

Time Zone:   Eastern

  - Level 60+ (Main)

Temp Bio: Naf earned his nickname over the years for his uncanny ability to take the worst of Vorp's jibes and still come away unphased. I have never seen the man get angry, upset, or rattled by anything... ever. I would use the phrase "Cool as Ice" to discribe him but that would lead to confusion with the whole "Vanilla Ice" incident, which he had nothing to do with. So instead, he's simply known as "The Man".


- Naf is so badass he refuses to create a surname...

- ...following in the footsteps of fellow one-named celeberties such as "Prince", "Madonna", and "Gallagher".

- Naf used to be a rl co-worker of Redd, and knows his mother.


A proud member of the Morituus Network:
"Making the world a better place... one manaburn at a time."
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