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Morituus Maurader
Guild Status:   CO-LEADER

Class:   Wizard

Race:   High Elf

Deity:   Agnostic

Time Zone:   Hawaiian

  - Level 80 (Main)
  - 2000+ AA's
  - Epic 1.0
  - Elemental Flagged (Full)
  - Time Keyed

Temp Bio: Snakegod's lone Wizard, Morituus spends most of his time jerking off. Since being promoted to a leadership position within the guild, his responsibilities include pling Vorp's alts, setting up the guild website, and heading Snakegod's PR division via tacky wmp movies.


- Morituus was too cheap and lazy to buy/learn flash, so he uses Window's Movie Maker which comes free with Windows. (To call him a cheap hack in the eq movie business would be an understatement)

- He later bought flash, but still has not leared to use it properly. However, that has not stopped him from making videos.

- Morituus holds the current record (5) for number of times someone's been kicked out of the guild.

- Dr. Morituus holds a PHD in Art History from the University of Pennsylvania (I'd link the post for proof, but Vorp or Thur deleted it).

- Morituus is a 2000 Olympic gold medalist. Ask Redd, he was there.

- Morituus is the current record holder (20+) for most deaths in a single eq session, shattering the old record of 8 (by Naf) while soloing the Katta portal tasks.


A proud member of the Morituus Network:
"Making the world a better place... one manaburn at a time."
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