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Manxomefoe Beeblebroxx
Guild Status:   LEADER

Class:   Magician

Race:   Gnome

Deity:   Unknown

Time Zone:   Mountain

  - Level 80 (Main)
  - One Level 80 Alt
  - Four Level 75+ Alts
  - One Level 70+ Alt
  - 1000+ AA's
  - One Partridge in a Pear Tree

Temp Bio: "Vorp" is the current leader of Snakegod (Mithaniel Marr). He is one of the few (possibly only, not sure) members still in the guild who was around when it was formed. He also has a multitude of high level characters at his disposal.

Still, the most amazing thing about Vorp is not his seniority in the guild, nor his impressive collection of characters. Amazingly, dispite being ill-tempered, moody, and rude, he somehow instills fierce loyalty within the core-members of the guild. When he decided to merge the guild with TFA, everyone followed him. When he decided to leave, everyone followed him back (even though we all got along great with the TFA members).

Yes, Vorp has driven away or simply kicked out numerous people from the guild over the years, but it seems that those that can stomach him for the first few months tend to stick around and become great contributors to the guild.

Vorpalrunt - Druid
Vorpultoad - Shaman
Vorpal - Gar
Vorpalmedic - Cleric
Vorpalette - Shadow Knight
Vorpaltank - Warrior

- All of Vorp's characters start with "Vorp"... except for his main.

- Vorp's main, Manxomefoe, is actually his newest character (with the exception of maybe some lvl 4 rogue or something)

- The reason Vorp's main isn't a "Vorp" like his other characters is the eq name engine stopped allowing him to creat characters with "Vorp" in the beginning.

- Vorp actually tried to use "Vorpal" for all his characters, but the name engine wouldn't allow it, so he started using "Vorpul" until it stopped allowing anything with "Vorp" in it.

- Vorp named all his characters after a section of Lewis Carroll's "nonsense verse" poem "Jabberwocky":
"He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought--"

- The lone exception to this rule is his wizard "Morituss", which he named after the sexiest wizard in Norrath.

- Unfortunately, the jerk made "Tuss" a female froglok.

- "Vorpal" is generally accepted to mean "deadly" or "sharp".

- "Manxome" is thought to be some sort of combination of "monstrous" and "fearsome".

- There is also such a thing as a Manx cat. In one of Vorp's old posted pictures it appears he is playing with one, but he's taken down the post on the message boards, so I couldn't confirm.

- While we were merged with TFA there was a rumor going around that Vorp and Phryk were rl lovers. (Unfortunately, this rumor could be neither confirmed nor discredited)

- Vorp and Phryk are rl cousins. (This has been confirmed)


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