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Iimdeadgirl Butverysexy
Guild Status:   OFFICER

Class:   Necromancer

Race:   Erudite

Deity:   Cazic-Thule

Time Zone:   Pacific

  - Level 75+ (Main)
  - Multiple 65+ Alts

Temp Bio: "Dead", as she's lovingly called in the guild, is Snakegod's resident Necromancer. She's also one of the few members that Vorp doesn't harass on a daily basis. With her rl brother's recent retirement from EQ, she's also obtained several other high level characters to add to her already formidable arsenal.

Her unwillingness to cyber with Morituus has led to the general belief in the guild that she is either a man or a lesbian irl.

Kadilia - Ranger
Wilhemena - Shaman
Jamp - Paladin
Jampz - Rogue

- A lot of people mistakenly assume we call her "Dead" because of her main character's name. However the truth is, she earned that nickname because of her uncanny ability to always die whenever she's grouped with guildmates.

- When I say "always", I mean always. Every. Single. Time. With no exceptions. If you were ever in a group with her and don't remember her dying, you are mistaken. She did, you just missed it.

- Although dead holds the record for most deaths overall in the guild, she does not hold the title for most deaths in one session. For years, that dubious honor belonged to Naf, with a body count of 8 during a Hive run. Morituus later broke that record (20+) when he soloed the Katta portal quests.


A proud member of the Morituus Network:
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