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Old News

- 3/5/08 -

Since Dead and Thur are bitching at me to update the damn site...

Here, I updated it. Happy? Nobody comes here anyway, so get off my ass.

There's only 2 reasons to come here: As an easy way to get to the message boards (which is actually pretty friggen easy now that it's a Yuku board - no more numbers to remember) or for a list of the guild videos.

On a totally unrelated note... I highly recommend visiting vorp's new site: www.vorpalrat.com.

Go to "Photos" >> "Beware, old photos of your host!" - lots of good stuff there. It'll keep me busy with photoshop for weeks to come.

My favorites are "1982" and "2000", which ironically are next to each other. I also think we get a shot of Phryk in the "2004" photo, but there's no tongue so I can't be sure. Not sure who the chick is in "2005", but I think it's wrong that out of the two of them, Vorp is the one showing us some cleavage...


- 1/5/08 -

Happy New Year!

Uploaded a new video and a couple of the member's pages. Roster's still very dated, as I don't have the energy to work on that. Perhaps some day I'll get around to it... yeah, right.


- 10/19/07 -

Back by popular demand!

Yet still hopelessly outdated. Better head over to the message boards - that's still where the latest guild news can be found.


- 8/19/07 -

Head over to the Message Boards. That's where the latest guild news can be found.

On a side note, I updated the video page to include the more recent videos (one of which is almost a year old now...)


- 8/13/06 -

Been a while since I updated the site, other than adding a few screenshots to the database here and there.  I haven't been able to get on much lately, but I'm hoping that will change soon now that things at work are finally beginning to stabalize.

In other news, I have recently acquired a few new toys that will (hopefully) assist me with upgrading and maintaining this website.  As some of you know, I finally broke down and bought Flash... although I still don't know how to use it properly.  With flash also comes the newest version of Dreamweaver and some other programs that I haven't figured out what to do with yet. 

So with these new upgrades I'm planning on revamping the site to make it more compatable for different browsers/settings, as well as make it easier for me to keep the information updated.  However, I'm learning this crap on the fly, so bear with me.  It also goes without saying that all that will take time, and we all know how lazy I am.  But considering how much money I spent, there's probably a pretty good chance I'll actually get around to finishing all this.

So in the mean time, don't expect to see much updates to the current version of the site, but once I finish the revamp it should contain much more current information.




- 6/10/06 -
Today Thurisa has finally made it to level 70. To commemorate this glorious day, she dyed all her armor HOT PINK. I'm not lying. You can check the screenshot database to see for yourself.

Personally, I think her new look is pretty cool...


- 6/3/06 -
Grats to Thur for finally finishing her epic 1.0. Her quest was a 6 year journey, but it's finally over.

I've also uploaded a ton of pictures (there are now over 300) that I've taken over the last couple days. These include the final batch of Thur's epic pics as well as shots of several new members. So new that I don't have profiles for them yet.

I'll get around to that someday, but in the mean time you can check out what your guildmates look like in the screenshot database. It's sorted by date (well, name... but I put dates in all the names so it's basically in the order they were taken), so the more recent shots are near the bottom of the page.


- 5/31/06 -
Congratulations to Dead for (finally) completing her shaman's epic 1.0. The ordeals she had to fight through (although mostly self-imposed... ie. skipping 2 whole turn-ins, and an npc kill) truely made this an "epic" quest.

Thurisa is also currently working on her own "epic" epic quest for her paladin. Today we finally found out what her problem was - the npc she was trying to do the turn-in to conned "apprehensive". She is now going back and trying to raise the appropriate faction so she can finally complete the quest (and so I don't waste any more posky stones... not to mention the 500 plat it takes to spawn the npc each time we go there).

To celebrate, I've uploaded some screenshots taken today while we worked on both of their epics. Grats girls... Aul, you're next. I'm tired of your Blue Crystal Staff taking up my precious bag space.

Also, thanks to Tynk it looks like we finally have a pretty good idea of what members we have in the guild. Soon (hehe, yeah right) I'll look over the list he's provided and make profiles for the new members. There are quite a few.


- 5/28/06 -
Uploaded more screenshots. These include new screenshots that were taken since the last update, as well as older screenshots that date back to around the time I joined the guild.

Most of the older screenshots were taken during pick-up raids, but I've included them since I was already a member of the guild at the time... so we could say "Snakegod was there". If you are looking specifically for screenshots of guildmembers, those begin with Redd and my PoK raid in October 2004 and really start picking up after our guild outing in The Deep in April 2005.

There are now over 250 screenshots in the archive, but I still highly encourage everyone to start taking screenshots of their own and to share them on the message boards. Next step for me is to hunt down the screenshots vorp and naf have posted and integrate them into the archive once I figure out when each shot was taken.


- 5/17/06 -
Updated Phryk's profile. At his request, I have listed ALL of Phryk's alts... even his mule.

Also slightly modified Dead's profile.

If anyone has any specific requests for their profile page, post it on the message boards. It's your page, you should have a say in what's on it. Feel free to change or add whatever you want, and in 99.8% of the cases I'll do it.


- 5/14/06 -
At the request of vorp, I have started trying to bring the site up to date so we could start using as a main reference point since people seem to have trouble figuring out how to get to the message boards. He made this request about 3 weeks ago, but my procrastination is well known throughout the guild, so he should have known better and therefore I feel absolutely no guilt knowing that I have only now started to get the site back in shape.

There have been a lot of changes in the guild these last few months, and unfortunately our roster is no longer up to date. We've seen the departure of a couple members to bigger and better things, but we've also picked up several new members. So much so, that I am having trouble keeping track of how many mains we actually have in the guild.

I have updated the roster as best as I can with those I do know about (Aul, Sin, Vamp, Fwen) but other than that I am not sure what new members are mains or alts. So I am asking for help from everyone (but mainly Tynk, since he seems to be the one recruiting most of the new people) in keeping track of the names of Mains we have in the guild, and if possible their alts. I'll make a post on the boards later, cause my wife just came home from church early.

Once I get a the roster reasonably organized, I'll make a general announcement in-game for the people who don't visit the message boards. I also have to edit our guild group picture, but that's a pita with the amount of new people we have, and I don't have screenshots of everyone yet anyway.

Also, I added a link in the screenshot gallery that leads directly to the screenshot database I have uploaded so far. It's not a great way to browse through the pics, but it was faster/easier for me, and at least this way our members have a way to access them. If you have screenshots of your own that you want added, post them on the message boards (there's a link at the top of every page on this site) and I'll transfer it to the database... eventually.


- 3/8/06 -
It looks like my retirement is immenent.

I updated the video page to include my goodbye video, as well as a couple other unfinished/misc clips that I had lying around.

At the request of Vorp, the distribution of my "stuff" will commence shortly - once I can get in contact with the other people I owe. Vorp will get the remainder, but will share it with the rest of the guild. Each member's share will differ according to seniority, official rank, and past contributions within the guild, but each member (main char, not alts) is entitled to a minimum of 2pp.

Make sure you each get your share - I don't want vorp ripping off anyone. If you do not receive anything, please notify me via a post on the message boards IMMEDIATELY and I will log on Morituus as soon as possible to kill a couple orc pawns to ensure you get your payment before my subscription runs out.

Thanks for the memories, guys. Take care.


- 2/10/06 -
Finally finished personalizing all the member pages. Not all the bio's are done, but at least people's names are on there along with most of the correct information. Also, no pictures yet.

On a side note, I just noticed that the site has been up for one month today. Nobody seems to visit, but that's okay. I'll spread the word a little when I get more things done.


- 1/28/06 -
I've finally started updating individual member pages. I've updated all the links on the roster page, but have only finished about half of the actual pages.

I went alphabetically, and got to naf... so A-N is done. If your main's name starts with O-Z you'll have to wait - tough titties.

On a side note: Thur, Naf... STOP SLACKING!


- 1/22/06 -
It's double exp weekend, and it's been extended until 10am pst on 1/24 (Tuesday)!

Best showing in guild so far belongs to Phryk (even though he's really with DB right now), with 20 aa's on Saturday. Iimdeadgirl ranks high as well(not sure on exact number), although her aa's/exp were spread out amoungst her alts.

So what are you doing futting around here? Do your part to make Snakegod stronger - Get your ass online and rake in that exp!


- 1/15/06 -
Overhauled and updated roster, video, and info pages:

Roster - I'm not the only one on the roster anymore... but all links still lead to my "temp" page.
Video - Color coded the table.
Info - Rearranged the order and filled in some missing information (no help from vorp yet!).


- 1/13/06 -
Uploaded a new video to celebrate the new Snakegod website. Head over to the "Videos" page to view it.

I talked with vorp about this site already, but I don't actually have his 100% approval yet. Hopefully the video will win him over. If not, I can take the site off.


- 1/11/06 -
Finished setting up most of the site. Now it's just a matter of filling in the info. Video page is fully operational, but there's only one member listed on the guild roster page so far... ME!


- 1/10/06 -
Website's up!
Hopefully Vorp or someone else in the guild who actually knows something about html will step up and design something decent soon. Until then we're stuck with what I've managed to slap together (you can thank vorp for the ass-tastic color scheme, though). Nothing fancy, but it should work...



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