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Welcome to the Snakegod (Mithaniel Marr) Homepage!


- 4/20/08 -

I announced it a couple days ago on the boards, but (as usual) it took me a while to get around to updating this page... I'm retiring from EQ. This time I think it's for real.

As I mentioned on the boards, wife is pregnant again and I have also decided to try and enter the Sasuke tournament in Japan. Most of you thought this was another one of my strange jokes, but I'm serious on both counts.

We had a great run together and I will miss you all. I wish you all good luck in your lives, and hope you do the same for me. I'm going to need it.



P.S. The boards are the main guild page now - http://snakegod.yuku.com

I'll keep this site up for a little while, but you might as well update your links if you're still coming here. I already updated link in the in-game guild manager just before I turned over leadership to vorp.

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